Salaries and Benefits in ACP

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Salaries and benefits will be entered between ACP and the nurse through contractual arrangements.

Salaries and Benefits

ACP Salaries

  • ACP offers career plans based on the experience of each professional;
  • The salary is paid weekly to the nurse.

ACP Benefits

Nurses will be received by the ACP team in the US and in addition to cost support they will have abode support and transportation for the first 30 days, as well as contact availability 24hs / 7 days a week throughout the contract time. Some of the benefits offered to professionals are:

  • Full-time work guarantee (minimum workload: 36h / week);
  • Health Insurance (medical, ophthalmological and dental);
  • Life Insurance;
  • Assistance to obtain permanent residence and own transport.;
  • Assistance in obtaining documents (eg driver’s license, car insurance, social security card number);
  • Assistance in the opening of bank account, credit card and telephone line.;
  • Continuing education starting with initial training of 12 hrs.;
  • Paid vacations;
  • Flexible service range;
  • Overtime payment (when exceeding 40 hours a week, payment of 1.5 times the regular amount / hour;
  • Performance-based Bonus;
  • Performance awards (employee of the month / year);
  • Family environment and exclusive support.

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